What is Title?

by SEO UZMANI February 09, 2021
title ne demek

When we look at the etymology of the word “title”, we can see that the word has derived from the word “titulus”. When we look further, we also see that titulus has the meaning of inscription and heading.

In terms of search engine optimization, Title basically means the heading of a web page. As one of the most significant click-rate elements out of hundreds of SEO criteria, the title is one of the topics that requires the utmost focus during the optimization process.

Do not exceed more than 70 characters with spaces

Search engines usually are not a fan of long title tag texts. After a certain text length, the keyword relevance quality score drops to almost zero. To avoid losing such a score in used keywords, limit the <title> tag text length to no more than 70 characters, including spaces. Here, I want to give extra detail. Looking at what is Title query, I saw that the Title length was up to a maximum of 65 characters in the results. For this reason, search engines can change these limits periodically. Taking this into account, it will be logical to keep it between the limit of 60 to 65 characters.


Title Comes First During the Process of SEO Analytics and On-Page

At the time of starting On-Page, by all means, on-site optimization studies, Meta Title part is our priority because we do the entries of the words into the title section while selecting words with monthly high search volume in order to gain traffic to the target page with SEO analytics studies by aiming towards the title section. In this way, we would be targeting high organic traffic for the entire website.

title ne demek

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