What is SEO Analysis?

by SEO UZMANI February 09, 2021
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Data showing in what ways you can improve the ranking of your own website in search engines is called SEO analysis.

By SEO analysis, website owners or masters learn about the content, linking provided to the website, and URL structure. In the light of the obtained information, they do the necessary analyses and set their plan accordingly. To get the SEO analysis report which guides for improvement of detected errors and audits your website as on-page and off-page separately, you can get help from the websites serving in this field. In an SEO analysis report, you can generally get the statistics of key factors such as competitor analysis, keyword audit, linking checks, page speed performance, site layout, content checks, image usage, the importance of meta descriptions, social media unity, and mobile-friendliness.


SEO analysis analyzed in two parts, on-page and off-page, reviews your website in-depth. Topics like your URL structure, tags, keywords, and creating content go right into on-page analytics and backlinks along with studies carried out on social media go into off-page SEO.


One of the key parts of SEO analysis consists of the analysis of competitors. If you don’t know the competitors of your website, set your keywords first. Then, list who is ranked above you in these keywords over applications. Here they are, the websites you will compete for the top ranks of search engines…


Doing SEO analysis means your website to be seen in search engines like Google fast and takes place in top rankings. SEO analysis, which can present you the points you lack along with the studies that can be done, is a tool you definitely need to seek for its support while setting your plans for the future.

If you are not getting any results for the website you want to analyze, you may be invisible to Google. In short, Google doesn’t detect your website, pages, and score you have created so far. In a situation like this, you immediately have to take the necessary steps and start your studies for improvement. All the works you have done, content created and links acquired up to today need to be reviewed. Spotting the mistake wherever it is and taking fixing steps is the most accurate method at this point. You can also get help from an SEO expert to mitigate the damage to get throughout this period.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Online marketing can be one hell of a challenge. In the world of search algorithm updates going through changes constantly, expensive clicks, some expenses set out of profits, and channels to gain new potential clients, it can be quite frightening to create an effective digital marketing campaign for many businesses. That is why we are collaborating with you to understand your vision and implement it. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization words. If you ever ask the question of what exactly is SEO and how to do it, let us answer them for you briefly. Many people perceive SEO as an advertisement campaign. So, they perceive it just as it is in SEM (Search Engine Marketing), like it is either search web advertisements or visual advertisement. However, what is going on is completely different. SEO is one of the indispensable studies of a website. It comprises all editing of search engines like Google to fully perceive and crawl your website, whether they are related to software or content. Specifically, an SEO expert does all these editings, even creating content in accordance with whatever your website’s target is. Many of experts in many different sectors guess the keywords searched over the internet extremely inaccurate and they edit the content of sites accordingly. Let’s give an example about that.

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We see two similar keywords over there. There are a lot of sector experts using these words but if you don’t work with an SEO expert, here is what is going to happen. If you pay attention, we see that the monthly search volume of the word dress models (elbise modelleri) is 74.000 and dress model (elbise modeli) is only 400 in the image. There could be hundreds of examples like that. If you edit your page over an inaccurate word, just thought about the traffic you would be getting monthly. We step in right here and edit the whole website in accordance with words with high search volume.

So, is everything done when we only edit the content like that? Absolutely no because we are just getting started. Google is a search engine based on PageRank algorithm. That is why we, unfortunately, cannot stand out without implementing the logic of PageRank to our website at its best. So, what is PageRank? Let us explain it to you briefly.

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SEO Score Check

Above, there is the very first formula applied to get a score of a page. Of course, this situation lays its roots to many years back. Nowadays, everything turned into so much of a mess. Since explaining the formula would only confuse you, here is the catch. A site gives linking to B site. In that case, Google gives a PageRank score to B site. Just think about this situation for millions of websites. Also, it gives a score to B site according to PageRank score of A site giving linking. This situation applies to all sites as well. This is the shortest way to explain PageRank. I just wrote it so that you could have an idea about it. There is much more of a complex algorithm that works in the background. An SEO expert identifies which website has what kind of a backlinking through software like Ahrefs and find the website that would give you the highest score and gets backlink over there. Here, after internal editing, SEO just gets started with the interventions made over external structures as well. At the end of the study, you make it to the first page in keywords. If we want to find out about the SEO score of our site, by all means, domain rating freely, we can go to https://ahrefs.com/website-authority-checker.

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