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by SEO UZMANI February 09, 2021
Seo Nedir

As one of the most popular topics lately, SEO services should be reviewed to a large extent. Please, keep reading to get the answers to questions such as “What is SEO, what to pay attention to, what is the job definition of SEO experts”.


The system that we can define as Search Engine Optimization and talk about as SEO in short consists of the combination of various factors. It’s a crystal-clear fact that today, we are in a digital age. All businesses, domestic and foreign companies along with social and political works are only known as much as their presence over the internet since a massive crowd from the younger generation to elders live their entire whole life on the internet. This being the case, if you want to be known, earn and win, appear and succeed, you need to know how SEO is done and what SEO really means.

Let’s just say that you’re an owner of a corporate or boutique business… Or you are a content creator who transforms their own memories into a personal blog… If you want to exist in any way in the deep world of the internet, you need to be able to come up with an answer to the question of what is SEO to build a successful website and have a presence on social platforms.

Seo Nedir

SEO, which is the backbone for websites to work in much better performance, should be carried out by taking into account the guidelines given by Google. It will be extremely difficult for you to achieve success with an SEO expert who knows nothing about Google’s regular updates and recent features and doesn’t follow such matters, even impossible… Therefore, before the SEO service, it is necessary to know Google and its variable structure inside and out.

So, to get to our question of what is SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization… If you want to gain success in Google about your website and want to make it to the first page, or even on the top rankings when a query is done about your target audience, SEO should be done. The more you appear on the top rankings on SERP, by all means, search engine result page, the more hits you will have on your website and will be identified as a secure and successful website by Google.

seo nedir


We have previously talked about how to have websites appear more on Google, draw more visitors and ensure organic traffic and mentioned that all these matters are actually the answer to the question, what is SEO. So, SEO includes all these steps required to achieve all the things we have listed so far. You can do SEO that can help you reach the level you want with many services in terms of both technical and content or you can have an SEO expert to do it for you. In SEO, many different strategies are set in accordance with the website that is worked on and the target set. First of all, you have to identify where you are in the digital world and decide where you want to be and what is your target audience. An SEO work plan has to be set in the light of the data acquired from competitor analytics. The actual purpose is to draw organic visitors to the website as well as ensuring visitors to spend more time on your website and to see it as a useful source to be looked upon frequently. However, SEO is completely different when it comes to e-commerce websites. Since the actual goal is to ensure sales with that, other alternative strategies have to be considered. To outdistance your competitors, be considered as successful by Google, and earn money, it is essential to be competent in such studies to be carried out in the light of the things we have mentioned above.


We have to discuss more details after we talked about what is SEO and how to do SEO. First of all, let’s start with the presence of keywords that have significance in SEO services and why they matter in this sense.

First of all, you should remember that most of the visitors visiting your website are looking for a topic in Google or different search engines. So, when the user types the keyword that is really significant to you over the internet and your website is shown in the top rankings, this allows them to enter your website directly. At this point, you can find out what words your target audience uses and in which keywords within your concept you should be listed in the top rankings on the first page by doing SEO. Then, you need to create your content taking into account this list by preparing a keyword list. In this SEO, which will leave your competitors in the dust, you need to be careful about how much of the keyword will take place in your text. You can also learn about the keywords which will allow you to be visible in search engines by using different SEO tools as well.

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