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by SEO UZMANI February 09, 2021
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The first goal of those who want to have a presence and reach out to the target audience in the digital field is to be in first ranks in Google search engine. In order to achieve it, it is necessary to address to Google Ads or organic SEO. In this article, we will try to show you how to do Organic SEO.

What is Organic SEO?

SEO word basically is the usage of Search Engine Optimization in the agency sector and Organic SEO is an organic study which is carried out naturally and as to how it is supposed to be, in a way where no illegal methods are addressed to and the user-based interaction is forefront. Let’s examine how we are doing these organic studies in sections.

How to Do Organic SEO?

Whether it is our corporate website or we are one of those who want to achieve something in the e-commerce field, the first factor to achieve such a goal is having our website to be in the very first rankings when it comes to keywords with high search volume. So, organic SEO is the very essential key for this. As you know, even though keywords with high search volume vary from sector to sector, they take their volume of 40% to 60% from Google Ads campaigns. The remaining volume is for the websites which are shown on the first page. Especially the top 5 draws 80% of the remaining volume to themselves. For this reason, we have no other way than doing organic SEO to make it to the first page. Before we jump into how to do section, we would like to point out that patience underlies these studies. If we don’t hold our horses, we can never achieve anything. We shouldn’t rush any study at all. It is really important to build each page in detail with their SEO analytics. Let’s talk about how to do it in sections.

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 Buying Domain Name and Hosting

Definitely buy a domain name related to your sector. Don’t tire yourself to put keywords in your domain name. Here, your choice should totally be a user-oriented one. Get an original name which anyone can read easily and is catchy. Don’t lose your time with names similar to other websites.


The hosting part is really important for the speed of your website. For this reason, buy a well-optimized hosting service for your site software to function on. If the project is on a large scale, you can buy a virtual server like VDS/VPS or a dedicated server, by all means, a physical one. Of course, it will vary when it comes to pricing. It will make sense to act according to budget. Also, it is really important to buy an SSL certificate for the website as well. This is one of the significant SEO criteria.

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We also definitely recommend for your hosting service to include private IP as well. Being in a public IP may cause you to get affected indirectly during spam attacks.

Website Software Optimization and Setting Content


It is one of the fundamental basics for organic SEO that your site software to be optimized. First of all, it is really important for software to function fast and compatible with all devices. Our website has to be 100% mobile-friendly. Ensuring keeping the load time of the website under 3 seconds would give us much advantage in terms of both search engines and user experience.

Whatever sector you are giving your services to, designing all our content and category system according to keywords with high search volume by doing sector-specific analyses should give you an advantage when it comes to getting organic traffic in the future. As you can see in the example below, it will give us much advantage when it comes to title choosing of both of our categories and whether it is a product or a blog content.

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After performing such analyses, it will be really easy to generate a meta title or meta description.

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Google Search Console and Google Analytics Registration

It is really important for us to track all the traffic of our website. For this, there are free-of-use tools of Google. One of such tools is Search Console. We can see all the details up to the smallest one of all organic queries of our website conducted in Google search engine via Search Console. Along with that, it is a really great advantage that it preventing us to fall from rankings by also notifying soft errors to us. For this reason, we do our Search Console registration first.

If we want to see details of all traffic channels from A to Z, we have to register to Google Analytics as well. After registering for free, we can see the real-time details of all visitors visiting our website.

Creating Social Media Accounts

Social media channels are really important for Organic SEO as well.  We can promote our website by creating an account for each channel and posting the posts according to target. It will give you the advantage to support the posts of significant categories with small budgets by promotion advertisements periodically.

Off-Page Optimization – Backlinking

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As one of the most important things to do after on-page optimizations is to get backlinks from high-quality websites that will be a reference to our website. It will give us much advantage to get linking out of linking texts that trigger target keywords by publishing original and high-quality articles on websites that have, again, original content and high domain authority.

These topics that we have listed so far were the main ones of what we have to do on a basic level. Actually, there are hundreds of different factors that need to be done and followed. Conducting such studies by experts is very important for future adverse situations. Our advice to you is that don’t leave your website to the hands of rookies. We recommend you not to trust people who give false hopes.

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