Who is Digital Marketing Specialist? What do they do?

Digital marketing specialist is a professional title given to a person who identifies the target market and audience accordingly for the brand of the organization he or she works for, turns the brand into a well-known one, and works to improve the mass media. Digital marketing specialist has also full knowledge of topics such as […]

What Is Organic SEO Services

The first goal of those who want to have a presence and reach out to the target audience in the digital field is to be in first ranks in Google search engine. In order to achieve it, it is necessary to address to Google Ads or organic SEO. In this article, we will try to […]

What is Search Engine Optimization? – SEO

As one of the most popular topics lately, SEO services should be reviewed to a large extent. Please, keep reading to get the answers to questions such as “What is SEO, what to pay attention to, what is the job definition of SEO experts”.

Everything You Want to Know About Keyword Research and Competition in SEO

It has been one of the very first topics wondered about whenever an SEO conversation starts. Which keyword should I be working on? What are the keywords getting the most hits? With what keywords I can make my way to the top?

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO has never been easy but in this article, we will be explaining what aspects you need to pay attention to over the basic level website that even non-experts will do.

What is Title?

When we look at the etymology of the word “title”, we can see that the word has derived from the word “titulus”. When we look further, we also see that titulus has the meaning of inscription and heading.

What is SEO Analysis?

Data showing in what ways you can improve the ranking of your own website in search engines is called SEO analysis.

Ahrefs – How to Use Content Explorer

Start by entering any keyword or phrase to search our database of over one billion webpages. Choose how queries are matched using the dropdown options.

Ahrefs Google – Bing – How to use the Overview report

In this report, we show all the SEO metrics you need to make quick yet informed decisions about a keyword.