SEO Copywriting

Now more than ever your website needs SEO copywriting that does more than incorporate keywords. What your site needs is smart, informed, compelling content that not only attracts search engines but helps sell your products or services too. Search engines actually penalize websites for keyword stuffing and it’s not the kind of text your visitors are going to respond to anyway. Certainly keyword integration is important – critical, in fact – but not at the expense of intelligible content.

When you choose Yemliha Toker, the SEO copywriting services you can expect include:

  • An in-house writing team comprised of writers who not only have SEO copywriting experience but also English and journalism backgrounds
  • Informative content that educates your readers on your company, mission, and the benefits and features of your products or services
  • Compelling content that draws your readers into the page and serves as a sales tool for your business, including how you are different from your competitors
  • Keyword-rich content that tells search engines your page is relevant to certain search results so as to help your site rank higher in the listings

Our specific SEO copywriting services are as follows, all of which are based on information and ideas provided by you and published upon your approval:

  • Website copy for your home page and inside pages, including keywords gently worked into informative, compelling text.
  • FAQs featuring frequently asked questions and their answers. In addition to being educational, these FAQ pages also incorporate into your site strategic keyword-rich text that attracts the search engines and ranks your site higher accordingly.
  • Articles on topics ranging from general articles on your company to specific benefits and features of your products or services. We publish these articles on your website, as well as other sites that are similarly themed. In addition, we submit to various article submission sites. Most importantly, everywhere your articles appear the text includes links to strategically-selected pages on your site.
  • Press releases on news-worthy aspects of your business, be it a special event, new product or the launch of a website. Client press releases frequently appear on such noteworthy, respected websites as Reuters and Forbes.
  • Social media copywriting on sites like Twitter, Facebook and Squidoo, as well as compelling comments posted to blogs and forums relevant to your products, services or industry.

Please Contact Us for more information about our SEO Copywriting services.


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