Responsive Design Mobile Marketing

Using Responsive Design, existing websites instantly rescale and adjust according to different screen sizes and will be viewable across most platforms. Responsive Design detects the device you are using, whether it’s a desktop computer, smartphone or tablet, and content will then auto fit, offering you the optimal viewing experience. It will look visually consistent to all visitors, regardless of the brand name of their device or the size of the screen.

Earlier versions of “mobile” websites would typically host separate content on a URL. Responsive Design coding eliminates the creation of another physical website, which saves the owner money. This means that site maintenance costs are severely reduced because less development work is required when only a single website needs regular updates.

Visitors to your site may have a preference for Apple products, or perhaps exclusively view the web with a tablet using Firefox, Safari or the Chrome web browser. Whatever they choose, Yemliha Toker’s Responsive Design can help your website look its very best.

We now live in an era where we don’t need to sit at a desk to use the internet anymore. Due to the arrival of wireless broadband, smartphones and tablets, the entire world is always completely connected. In half a dozen deft finger taps, we can watch a streaming movie or pull up GPS directions in real time. With such boundless evolutionary steps in technology, user-friendly accessibility is immensely important.

Internet users surf the web through a diverse selection of methods these days, and visual consistency is vital. If you look at a particular website on your laptop and then switch to a cell phone, you don’t want the basic composition to change or become distorted. The navigational layout of every site should adjust to fit  on any platform. It’s inconvenient when websites fail to utilize a standardized design, and content seemingly dances around the screen between alternating devices.

Yemliha Toker International knows that it is frustrating when website content becomes difficult to view on certain mobile devices. For that reason, we have tremendous pride in our mobile marketing service dubbed Responsive Design that remedies this irritating problem. A universally dependable design aesthetic will result in a more enjoyable online experience and most importantly more conversions.

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