Inbound Marketing – Internet PR

Drive traffic to your website through the power of social outreach

Social outreach, or Internet PR, plays a vital role in any successful search engine optimization campaign. At Yemliha Toker, we know how crucial proper linking is to the success of an optimized website. Our ability to employ effective internal and external linking strategies is certain to drive traffic to your website.

Surveys have consistently found that in addition to the search engines, most internet users find new web pages through other web pages. This fact reinforces the importance of social outreach to the success of your website. Incoming links serve a number of very important purposes including:

  • Bringing traffic to your website from the site where the links are located
  • Allowing your website to be found more often in the search engines

We integrate a varied approach to outreach that focuses on conversions as opposed to linking without purpose. Our various proven approaches to linking include:

  • Back Link Analysis
  • Back Link Anchor Text Analysis
  • Competitor Back Link Analysis
  • Implementation Of Brand Linking
  • Themed On Topic Directories
  • Social Media Integration
  • Guest Blogging And Content Sharing
  • Infographics

Let Yemliha Toker International put our linking expertise to work on your behalf. We’ll explain the linking process to you in full so that you have a working knowledge of the implementation of internal and external linking tools we’ve found to be extremely effective. Through the implementation of varying modalities, we’ll create a custom linking strategy for you to maximize your site’s effectiveness in the vital area of internet marketing.

Learn more about how social outreach fits into your search engine optimization strategy by consulting with the professionals at Yemliha Toker today!

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