Google Opinion Rewards: Monetize your site

by SEO UZMANI July 10, 2019
Google Opinion Rewards

What is Google Opinion Rewards?

Many businesses and brands use Google Surveys to get fast, reliable opinions from users. Publications that host these surveys earn revenue through a program called Google Opinion Rewards.
You can join this network of thousands of publishers and earn incremental revenue for your content.
Watch this Gannett case study video to see how the publisher of USA Today monetized their sites using Google Opinion Rewards.

How it works.

When you join Google Opinion Rewards, you’ll get paid every time one of your readers responds to a survey on your site. You may have seen these short, user-friendly questionnaires pop up on other sites you visit. As a publisher, you control where and how often survey prompts appear, as well as how much content to make available to respondents in return for their answers.
Google Opinion Rewards is separate from the AdSense network, meaning you do not need to run AdSense ads to join. However, you will need an active AdSense account to receive payment for completed surveys.

Create your account.

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