Everything You Want to Know About Keyword Research and Competition in SEO

by SEO UZMANI February 09, 2021

It has been one of the very first topics wondered about whenever an SEO conversation starts. Which keyword should I be working on? What are the keywords getting the most hits? With what keywords I can make my way to the top?

Here lies the keyword competition for such questions and these competition rates occur by being calculated with various algorithms. What you have to do is to target correct keywords by identifying where your project is ranked in this competitive environment while truly analyzing the competitive rates. Now, let’s exemplify these matters with an analysis of keywords.

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What is Keyword Competition?


Keyword competition is determined by the authority rankings of websites that appear first in search results in a particular keyword. This ranking is conducted from the 1st rank to 100th according to an algorithmic metric. At this point, based on hundreds of different criteria such as the most powerful content, the most powerful backlinking, the greatest brand awareness, and the greatest number of indexes, websites take their places in a keyword. Out of all these things, we get the keyword competition.

Newly launched e-commerce websites or content systems selecting these competitive analyses on point while choosing a keyword affects the rates of arriving to the first page greatly.

Analytics software like Ahrefs gives us an insight at this point. If a global investment is to be made, the studies will begin by the analysis of global competitors first. In the screenshot below, we see amazon.com’s authority and organic traffic estimations. According to the information provided here, Amazon.com has a strength of 96 Domain Rating. We see more than 3 billion backlinks and 552 million monthly organic traffic. The part that concerns us in this information is that how many backlinks are there in the project, how the strength from these backlinks has affected the domain rating score, how powerful is the content, the number of indexes of the project, and as one of the most important signals, what about the brand awareness.

As shown in the screenshots, the Amazon brand has 345 million searches worldwide. We have America in the first place with 112 million and Germany follows it in the second place with 39 million. If you’re going to be a global player, you can clearly see some of the scores you need to have on your website. In fact, this score gives you an insight of what kind of a player you can become.

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Clear ideas regarding choosing a keyword would arise by taking clear information about your competitors with the results of such analysis. If you have a newly established website, how much budget you will allocate for SEO in the first year according to the analysis and the target is determined by this sense. As you have a very high budget, you do studies on more competitive keywords and as you have a low budget, you do studies on keywords that have a lesser search rate. Please don’t make the mistake of wasting your time and budget by studying over highly competitive words by getting caught up with big dreams with very low authority rankings. Although SEO is a study conducted by predictions, many technical analyses lie behind these estimations. These technical analyzes are largely accurate.

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