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by SEO UZMANI July 10, 2019
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What type of content works with AMP?

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project is an open source initiative that makes the mobile web faster for everyone.
AMP is great for all types of web content such as news, recipes, movies, product pages, reviews, videos, blogs, ecommerce and more. It is less useful for single page apps that use lots of dynamic or interactive features, such as route mapping, email or social networks.
As you begin learning AMP, you’ll want to have answers to these questions in mind:
  • What type of content do you produce?
  • How do you currently publish your content?
  • How do you monetize your content?
  • What analytics do you use to track engagement?


Publishing your AMP pages

Depending on your current process, publishing AMPs could be as simple as installing a plugin compatible with your content management system (CMS) to automatically create them for you or adjusting templates to generate them.
If you use a prepackaged CMS like WordPress, check to see if it’s on the list of supporting providers under the “CMS” section, here.
If you use your own CMS, check out the getting started guide.

How to monetize your content

After you’ve figured out how to integrate with your CMS, you need to determine how your content is monetized and whether or not AMP is compatible with your ad tech provider.
Many popular ad tech providers already support AMP, including Rubicon, Doubleclick, and MOAT among others.
The AMP project also supports paywalls and subscriptions. This means that you can restrict or minimize access to your AMP pages for people who are not subscribers. Learn about paywall access integrations, here.

Analytics and measurement

As you can see from this list, the AMP format is compatible with many analytics providers.

You can use analytics to configure multiple data capture elements. AMP then manages all of the instrumentation to come up with the data.

To explore implementation of analytics in AMP pages in depth, read this article.

Resources for developers

Since AMP is an open source collaboration across many technology companies and platforms, there are ample resources for your site’s developers to tap into.
  • To get an overview of how AMP works, watch this video on the AMP YouTube channel.
  • For AMP HTML source code and the the latest work being done on the project see GitHub.
  • For the complete documentation on AMP HTML, visit the project site:  ampproject.org.
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